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Mario is a Venice based freelance photographer. The world has been his home for nearly 37 years as chemical engineer and industrial photographer. Mario uses to say that in his life: "He has worked for the family necessities and photographed for living better." In Mario personal website you will find some, perhaps many portfolio that illustrate Mario works as a photographer in the years of transition from silver to digital. The work of previous years are in the archive, waiting to be one day, who knows, digitized. For further information please contact me



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Getting married? Let me show you a few of my wedding day experiences, and with any luck, perhaps we'll share one together in the future. Photography has always been my passion. However, for me it's the pleasure of photographing people, which makes my photography rewarding. Wedding photographers are today dozens, for that reason pick someone who is battle tested, and knows what to do! You're photos need to be soulful, touching, and timeless. Choose a photographer is a major decision, here I am ready to fulfill your expectations. Questions? Comments? How to book? Drop me a line, and I'll do my best to make it all clear &/or visit my wedding photography website















For something different to do in Venice, try a photography walking tour. Get to move around the hidden Venice not as tourist but as a Venetian. You will learn how to approach people and capture the spontaneous emotions, expressions and interactions among people that tell the story of Venice. So bring your camera and be prepared to walk and shoot. Mario is currently conducting photography workshops in Venice. These Workshops are aimed at training photographers on the technically difficult aspects of photography, and to problems related to the composition.