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Mario Mazziol Venice Italy

"In my life I worked for the family necessities and photographed for living better".

Mario Mazziol is a Venice based freelance photographer, he was employed by E.N.I. group as a chemical engineer and industrial photographer.

He left home at age 21 and the world has been his home for nearly 37 years. Now he lives, with his wife Adriana, in Venice where photography consumes his time.

You could say that my photo album does not have their own logic. In fact I love working on "the project" trying to develop the initial idea. I publish my work when I completed them (although sometimes I take them in hand for updating). This justifies the fact that I did not consider it useful to divide the work into different sections, ie B & W, color, reportage etc.

A special mention deserve the portfolio dedicated to the Nigeria country where I lived for seven years. A good portion of the photos were taken on UNICEF assignement. The theme of the work concerned the status of women and children in northern Nigeria. Nigeria Photo Album (link)

Mario camera of choice are Leica M digital rangefinder and Canon 5D Mark III.


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