my photo album in four pages

a lot of photos to look at, but I hope you'll be patient and interested

 In case you recognize yourself in one of the images exhibited and if you do not want it displayed, please contact me and I will remove it


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old age is not a battle The path of life - Ogni giorno gli stessi pensieri… o quasi… Light-blue
Hair Red Bearded faces
My Hometown my Wedding Photo Gallery Far away from Piazza San Marco
Cityscape It's night time in the Big City Po Delta, mist & high-key
MarioMono  This and That in Town Poveglia, Island for Sale



Ahi serva Italia, di dolore ostello / nave sanza nocchiero in gran tempesta / non donna di province, ma bordello! - Dante Alighieri - Purgatorio - Canto VI, 76-78