my photo album in four pages
a lot of photos to look at, but I hope you'll be patient and interested
photography means to align the intellect, the eye, and the heart


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Nigeria: Fulani people Nigeria: Daily life Nigeria: Gold diggers
Nigeria: Mothers and sons Nigeria: Sallah festival (Zaria) Nigeria: Landscape
Nigeria: Tribal Dance Nigeria: Inside and Outside Singapore: Botanic garden: Orchids 
Icelandic Landscape  Namibia: Imba people  Namibia: Namib desert 
Venice Biennale d'Arte: Real people and artworks Venice Biennale d'Arte: drawings, faces and numbers Venice Biennale d'Arte: Chapter I
Venice Biennale d'Arte: Chapter II Venice Biennale d'Arte: Lifeless Portraits Venice Biennale: Common ground
Venice Biennale: Encyclopedic Palace? Venice Carnival: Chapter I Venice Carnival: Chapter II
Venice Carnival: Chapter III Venice Carnival: Chapter IV 100% Venice, the Book
for AmericanWay Magazine: Vivat Bonum Vinum
for AmericanWay Magazine: the Chronicles of Narni
for AmericanWay Magazine: An Italian Love Affair



Ahi serva Italia, di dolore ostello / nave sanza nocchiero in gran tempesta / non donna di province, ma bordello! - Dante Alighieri - Purgatorio - Canto VI, 76-78