my photo album in four pages
old photo album, just to not forget them


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Marine Hospice (O.A.M.) Candid (Leica M) B&W Life in Colors
an idea of twins Parochia S. Isepo Find out how the gondola is built
Random Colors Burano: Light, Colors and Composition Wetzlar 2011 - Ich war dort!
Almost from behind This outrage will never end? - Big Ship You Kiill Me Simply some photos
Etcetera I... Etcetera II... revisited Snow and Lava - Etna Volcano
The foundry Chairs and Windows Murazzi Art
Please do it slowly Just walking Old News & Surfaces



Ahi serva Italia, di dolore ostello / nave sanza nocchiero in gran tempesta / non donna di province, ma bordello! - Dante Alighieri - Purgatorio - Canto VI, 76-78